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Taking Your Career To Next Level

Do you wish to kick off your career as a minicabs driver? Does the idea of being behind the steering always makes you excited? Well, you have landed on the right platform for the minicab driving jobs in London. We do serve you the facility to get part of a growing organization adhered to offer the some really good jobs to the minicabs driver.

As a trusted platform of minicab driving jobs provider in London, we always foster the idea of showing professionalism, punctuality and the burning desire for PCO registered drivers to cover each and every job in London and grow in this market altogether.

We are 99% engaged in catering airport transfers service - PCO driver jobs. We do believe in focusing on driver recruitment now so that no issues would occur later on when we will be live with our full potential. We can commit our drivers for a business of 5000 GBP per month.

As a minicab driver, we expect are drivers to fulfill the following requirements:

Your car must not be older than five years.

We expect our drivers to respect the customers’ needs like child seat, booster seat etc. Our drivers needs to be very punctual and professional. Apart from these, our drivers also required to deposit a 100 GBP amount to complete the registration process and activate their accounts.

Credentials – PCO Drivers

Our application looks for the following credentials from our PCO registered drivers:

  • Driver Picture
  • License Card Front
  • License Card Counter Part
  • License Card Back
  • Drivers PCO License
  • Car Registration certificate-V5 (Vehicle PCO)
  • Insurance Certificate
  • National Insurance
  • MOT Certificate
  • Proof of address other than driving license, bank statement or bill.

At the time of applying, you need to add all these credential along with your PCO Driver Jobs application form.

What We Offer?

For the first time in this history of minicabs industry, our registered PCO Licensed Drivers can enjoy the sense of complete independence and leverage to operate on their own terms. We consider our drivers at every level and offers them the following benefits:

  • We offer our drivers complete leverage to work at their own convenience.
  • We allow our drivers to work for any other cab company they want to.
  • We are 24/7 available and coordinate with our drivers for every job.
  • We settle the accounts of our driver on a weekly basis.
  • In case of any complain, we listen to our drivers to reach a conclusion.
  • Most importantly, we guarantee our drivers to make 5000 Pounds per month.

Work Hours – PCO Drivers

As the reputed platform, we give full liberty to our drivers to work with us at their own convenience. It completely depends on you that whether you want to join us as full time or part time driver.

We are committed to entertain our drivers 24/7. To fulfill our commitment, we are excited to welcome the drivers on to our portal. We do take this privilege to invite our drivers to login their applications, if we are having some really good jobs to offer.

To compensate our drivers, we do have this facility to come up with frequent bonus schemes, reduced commission incentives, and many more rewarding offers. At every level, we are putting our efforts to reward our drivers more in as minimum time as possible so that we can stick to our commitment of 5000 Pounds per month.

Commitment - We Are Looking For

As a thumb rule, we have massive jobs to offer in the morning and evening time during working days. Similarly, we can offer really good jobs to our registered driver in evenings and/or late evenings on weekends.

To enhance our rewarding system, we will keep the track record of our drivers like the time they are working with us and their commitment with our jobs. As an integrated platform, we are willing to go an extra mile for our committed drivers when it comes to rewards and offers like reducing commission to zero for a certain period.

Dress Code – We Expect From Our Drivers

We want our PCO Drivers to commit as much time as they can working for themselves through our channel. To help our drivers in achieving their commitment with us, all we want to ease our working environment for our staff and for our drivers.

We suggest our drivers to carry an outfit that relaxes them so that they can work continuously for more hours. As we believe that if our drivers are in comfort, our job coverage ratio will increase that helps in improving our platform and growing our drivers.

We are looking to provide our drivers that environment which will push them to invite their fellow drivers on our platform too. As a well-positioned platform, we are putting are partners as our first priority in everything we are looking to achieve.

Driver’s Feedback - Matters For Us

As we encourage our customer for review, we do appreciate our drivers for their productive feedback. This will keep us informed about the ground reality of our platform and helps us in understanding the needs of our drivers as we are very critical to be aware of our drivers’ reservations.

We do take our driver’s feedback seriously as we consider our drivers are equally as important as our customers. Similarly, we do trace our drivers rating based on our customers reviews and offer the temporary title of “Driver of the Month” to the driver with highest ratings.

We are willing to offer our “Driver of the Month” from reduced to zero commissions for certain period throughout the month. We are also intended to offer 100 pounds credits to our drivers that usually falls into the highest ratings. This is one way of showing our consideration towards our drivers.

Meet And Greet Service - PCO Drivers

We also offer Meet and Greet Services to our customers and charge them £5 for this service. We inform our customers to directly give this amount to our drivers and we do not charge commission on this amount.

Whereas, any parking charges paid by our drivers will be charge directly to the customers on an actual basis. This is why, we always charge fare plus service and parking charges for the Airport pick-up jobs.

This shows our values and ethical commitment with our drivers.

Invitation – PCO Drivers

So, what are you waiting for? Do get yourself registered on one of the most flexible and responsive platform of the Minicabs Industry. We do request you to realize your significance and give yourself value that you deserve. Our platform is just first step on that path. We, Station Cars London invite all the PCO Licensed Minicab Drivers to get registered on our portal and let’s move this minicab industry in the new era.

PCO Drivers Wanted for Minicab Partners as we are giving bright future opportunities for drivers in your area. This hiring opportunity is presenting by our minicab partner for the well skilled and well experience drivers. Our minicab partner has well known transport service for pick and drop with meet and greet they are giving best minicab service since many years.

PCO drivers wanted London for expending their minicabs services due to the very high demanding of minicab they need a drivers for serving the customers in excellent manner because the minicab service is going in a large scale day by day, giving pick and drop on time to their passengers PCO drivers employments are needed. Drivers should be experience for handing the vehicles in a good manner with their skills.

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